London (un)covered – The Insider May 30 – June 5

The Insider gives the thumbs up to Six Organs of Admittance. Photo credit: Intangible Arts / Flickr

The Insider is The First Pint’s expert on all things cool and London. Picking out the best of the week’s events and activities; one-off or regular, unique or mainstream. So we have a day by day selection of the best events to keep you occupied all week long. Enjoy.

Back after a week off, everybody needs a break from time to time, with an agenda that might inspire some technophobia but not afraid of modern visions, Nordic minimalism, sonic experiments, a savage stew and investigating Six Organs of Admittance.


Was planning to take advantage of the holiday and start this week on Tuesday, mostly because I wanted to stay in and watch the second part of Adam Curtis’ All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace (BBC2, 9pm), but the people at Limazulu in Harringay are hosting a live screening with ginger beer reception beforehand (from 8.30pm) and discussion to follow.


The Hungarian Cultural Institute have been promoting a summer full of photography exhibitions, and amongst the first to open, at 6.30pm today, is the Modern Visions of János Szász and Gábor Kerekes at the Red Shoe Gallery.


A trio of acts from New Jersey at the CAMP Basement headlined by Julian Lynch, £8 invested on the strength of scattered references in the write up to folk-some sounds, fuzz-pop and monastic drones. See if you can find enough key words in the spiel to drag yourself along.


Following from the Machines of Loving Grace on Monday, a little more of what seems like technology scepticism at the LSE, professor Sherry Turkle of MIT presents a public lecture entitled Alone Together: Why we expect more from technology and less from each other. (6.30pm in the Old Theatre, no booking required)


A double art opening at the Agency in Deptford at 6pm. Wall-based minimalism from Norwegian artist Are Blytt invoking Thackeray with an exhibition entitled The Abstraction of Barry Lyndon, plus some more distinctly sonic fare under the heading of Code of Contingency. More details, that are beyond my powers to succinctly sum up on the facebook event page.


I’ve missed Six Organs of Admittance at several festivals, and on all their previous London shows, so finally it’s time to give them a good live listen at Cecil Sharpe House in Camden tonight, tickets are £12 in advance.


How to solve the the crisis in arts funding? Make soup, or in this case a Sweet Savage Stew, a simple and fun idea of generating micro-grants for artists. Just turn up pay £5 for dinner, submit a proposal if you have one and then attendees vote on who gets the money raised by the event.  Organised by Gallerie 8 at FARM on Dalston Lane. RSVP required, see their website for details.