London(un)covered – The Insider, June 13-19

documentaries in London

Several documentaries up for grabs this week on The Insider. Photo Credit: Josa Jr/Flickr

This week is working up to one event, a weekend of documentaries from London Open City in a small footprint festival around Bloomsbury. Scarcity is the theme for Monday, then through to psychogeography, death and sound installations until the festival begins.


Monday, June 13

There have been a series of talks in recent weeks at the University of Westminster as part of a research project on Scarcity and Creativity in the Built Environment, this week featuring Saskia Sassen of Columbia University and author of Cities in a World Economy, will present a lecture entitled Fabricating Scarcities. The event is free but with online booking required, and begins at 6.30pm on the Marylebone Campus.

Tuesday, June 14

The latest Passenger Films night at the Roxy Bar and Screen is devoted to psychogeography in London, featuring invited speakers and a screening of The London Perambulator. £4 entry fee, and the evening kicks off at 7.30pm.

Wednesday, June 15

Sound and Music have organised a retrospective of 20th century composer Elaine Radigue, that includes both acoustic and electronic works, tonight is the second part of one of her more spiritual works Trilogie de la Mort, 7.30pm at St Stephen Walbrook. Tickets are £6 but discounts are available if you purchase for multiple evenings.

Thursday, June 16

Take Courage have taken over a temporary space in Dalston to house three sound music and film installations, tonight is opening night from 6pm.

Friday, June 17

The weekend will be dominated by the Open City London documentary festival, a series of £5 screenings from the 16th-19th (expect daily suggestions and opinion on Twitter – @Insider_TFP), but beyond the documentary realm tonight’s open air screening is a re-scored screening of the recently restored Metropolis(9pm), just a £1 donation to attend.

Saturday, June 18

More documentaries today I think, or maybe just one, as the centrepiece of the festival is an anniversary screening of Claude Lanzmann’s nine hour account of the holocaust Shoah, essential viewing but it is a £35 ticket at the Prince Charles Cinema on Leicester Square and requires a 9.30am start.

Sunday, June 19

Back to Bloomsbury for yet more films from Open City London, but finally a rest for my eyes in the evening, but into another dark room for some music to round out the week. Helpfully just have to cross the road to see Japanese rock band Boris at ULU(£15).

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