About Us

Welcome to The First Pint, the international’s guide to all that London offers. We provide information, perspectives, connections and entertainment for London’s international population.

From discovering London’s best Neapolitan pizza to finding just what Cockfosters is all about, we seek to uncover the best secrets this city has to offer.

Our contributors come from all over the world and have a knack for exploring. Through them, you can journey from the hidden Parkland walk across north London to a Chinese boat race on the Thames, or hear our Angry Russian’s take on the day’s news on your way to some great underground pubs.

We’re also passionate about the more serious issues affecting London’s international community – changing visa rules, far-right nationalist movements in Europe and the effect of international events on immigrants in the city.

Of course, our friends from the UK are more than welcome too; if you’re native British or a long-time Londoner looking for another point of view of the city, come on in. The first round’s on us.

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